Hello! Even though I have not been modding a whole lot recently, there have been a few “maintenance” updates to my 1.12.2 mods - and some more! Here’s a brief listing.

Unlimited Chisel Works

Unlimited Chisel Works has been updated from 0.3.0 to 0.3.3. The biggest feature addition here comes from a new addon, which adds…

(つ°ヮ°)つ TerraFirmaCraft (1.12) support!

Just like the old 1.11.x addon which brought TFC2 support, TFC support is back in 1.12 with a new addon! It adds quite a few blocks and preserves their collapsibility mechanics (which is the reason for requiring a separate addon). Please download it now and have a look!

Other big changes include:

  • Proper Chisel/CTM 1.0.x support! This was initially done in 0.3.0, but connected textures did not work at that time. As of 0.3.2, they work perfectly.
  • WAILA/HWYLA support! In the same way Chisel shows the variation of its carved blocks, Unlimited Chisel Works will now do likewise.
  • Thaumcraft 6 woods support! This is something that was omitted by the Chisel development team in their Thaumcraft integration, and after receiving a pull request for it from cridenour and confirming that 1.12 is indeed at end-of-life feature-wise, I have decided to add it to UCW.
  • New support for Advanced Rocketry, Environmental Materials, and a single block (hellfirestone) from Aether II. Keep in mind that the procedural algorithms used by Unlimited Chisel Works are not perfect, and some blocks cannot easily be supported to my quality standards.
  • Updated support for Bewitchment and Underground Biomes Constructs, with more blocks covered.
  • Fixed the FoamFix/UCW bug which required disabling “smallPropertyStorage” - please re-enable it if you have disabled it, as the RAM savings of this patch are significant, especially on large modpacks.
  • Fixed a bug which caused UCW blocks to not mimic their originals’ ore dictionary values correctly.

I hope you will enjoy the update!


A much smaller update has happened to Debark, the small mod which adds debarked log types.

  • Added Rockhounding: Surface and TerraFirmaCraft compatibility!
  • Added a configuration option to allow debarking only by sneak-right-clicking, as opposed to right-clicking.
  • Many small fixes and improvements.


Finally, there has been an update to FoamFix. This one mostly focuses on fixing some minor omissions with regards to deduplication process configurability, and so is mostly of use to modpack developers.

That’s it for now! See you later~