The official chatroom for users and fans of Charset (and other mods I work on) is the #charset IRC channel at EsperNet ( You can access it using an IRC client (such as HexChat) or by using a web browser.

IRC Rules

  • Respect other users of the IRC channel. Simply put - have some dignity. It doesn’t mean you always have to follow an official tone - Charset is not a highly official project - but it does mean you should know certain boundaries and err on the side of caution with users you don’t know well.
  • There is no “on topic”, so don’t worry about that. The goal of the channel is simply to serve as a community hub for users of my mods, and as such the only thing I request is that topics related to that take priority over topics unrelated to that.
  • However, there are some types of content - particularly, but not exclusively, ones of a pornographic and/or gore-y nature - which are not welcome. Use your best judgement.
  • Usage of the “neat is a mod by Vazkii” meme is punishable by a permanent ban. You have been warned.