This is an unofficial fork of OpenComputers containing experimental features which haven’t yet been sufficiently tested for upstreaming.

Keep in mind that these builds are ephemeral - archives will not be kept on my behalf. They are also not guaranteed to be up to the same level of stability as the official releases.

Changes from upstream

  • Optimized renderer code, with both VBO- and display list-based engines. Should be reasonably stable and is approximately 2x as efficient as the old one, but performance data is desired (particularly across GPU vendors and operating systems).
  • JNLua updated to the MovingBlocks fork, with fixes, optimizations and updated Lua versions.
  • LuaJ updated to a new build, combining fixes from OpenComputers’s developers and the new upstream; should be more accurate to Lua 5.2 than previously.
    • For testing this feature, please note that the “registerLuaJArchitecture” configuration option has been fixed.
  • Lua 5.4.0 support!


Please use the OC-staging issue tracker and report any bugs there!



  • Updated mainline code. This version is equal with OpenComputers 1.7.5 in this regard.


  • Updated mainline code, providing bugfixes.
  • Minor fixes in Eris - might fix rare persistence crashes in Lua 5.3.
  • Lua 5.4.0 beta (rc1) support! WIP - requires testing.
    • None of the Lua/Eris fixes are currently available on macOS - I lack a build machine for that platform. Will be fixed in a stable OC release, probably.


  • First release. Includes new render code and JNLua/LuaJ versions.

If you’d like to discuss OpenComputers-staging or report information/bugs pertaining to the builds, look for “asie” on #oc at