I’ve been commissioned to make a new mod! And I’ve updated a few on my own accord.


Debark is a mod which adds decorative debarked logs - similar to the Stripped Logs from 1.13+, they are essentially logs without the bark!

Now, this is not the first 1.12.x mod providing the feature - “Debarked Logs” came a bit earlier, having been split away from Better With Mods; however, it only supported vanilla logs. I was approached with a request to make a new take on the same feature, but with the following differences:

  • support for debarking via a crafting table, not just in-world;
  • leveraging the techniques previously used in Charset and Unlimited Chisel Works to support a large amount of mods;
  • stylistic changes to the look of the texture.

As such, it has been implemented!

Examples of debarked logs from 0.1.0.

You can find it on the download page or on CurseForge. I have also added ways to customize the mod support and textures generated:

  • To add support for additional logs: As a mod author, you can send an IMC message to the mod “debark”, key “register_log”; as a modpack developer, you can add entries to the config/debark.cfg file. In either case, the value “block ID[,state to permute by,another state…]”, for example “minecraft:log,variant” or “traverse:fir_log” or “natura:overworld_logs,type”.
  • To tweak the textures used: For each log type, the following textures will be used, if found:
    • debark:blocks/debark_top_minecraft_log_0.png (for the first variant of minecraft:log’s top),
    • debark:blocks/debark_side_minecraft_log_0.png (for the first variant of minecraft:log’s side),
    • debark:blocks/debark_top.png (generic grayscale top, where 50%-100% luminance matches the log’s middle’s color range),
    • debark:blocks/debark_side.png (generic grayscale side, as above).

Mod Updates

FoamFix has been updated from 0.10.5 to 0.10.7. As the 1.12.2 version of FoamFix is “on life support” (no new features planned), this mostly provides major bugfixes to some optimizations, and removes other optimizations which proved too unreliable or were replicated in other optimization mods better.

I have also, as part of opening up my old projects, released the source code to a Fabric emoticons mod I tinkered with in April and never finished, codenamed “cutemoji”; you can find it here.