There hasn’t been a major update to Charset in a while, so I’ll instead share with you a list of somewhat more “minor” mod updates since mid-August.

Charset has gone up to, with some minor additions (for instance, you can now hover over an item and press Ctrl+T to view its page in the Tablet, if you have said Tablet equipped in your inventory of course). However, the focus was on fixing bugs - the Starchasers have done a stellar job trying to narrow them down, and for most use-cases the wires and logic gates should be rock solid now. (I’ve received a bug report pertaining to vanilla redstone wire/Charset cable interaction, but I did not receive sufficient reproduction information.) I have also worked on a larger update to the Audio module, however it currently remains incomplete.

ProtoCharset (the 1.13 Rift version of Charset) is likely abandoned as-is, however the new recipe and networking systems developed for it are likely to show up in the 1.13 Forge version of Charset. It is not likely that I will be doing further Rift development, at least on “1.13.0”.

FoamFix has received a few performance tweaks, as well as a disabling of a texture optimization patch which seems to have backfired massively. Apologies for that one - if you’re experiencing a major FPS drop in your 1.12+ pack, make sure to update FoamFix to 0.10.1 or above first!

Tinkered Hegemony is receiving a surprise update today, primarily to fix bugs with cross-mod interaction (particularly Lanolin, but the bugs are fairly general) - but it also adds support for properly hiding recipes which use disabled vanilla tools (say, anvil recipes).

I’m afraid mod updates will remain a bit slow for the foreseeable future, however. Thank you for following the development of my mods!