This week, it’s time for Charset 0.5.3! This update primarily focuses on compatibility, that is:

  • Improvements to the new Chests! In particular, compatibility with Inventory Tweaks and proper support for my own carrying mod, as well as generation of the correct comparator value.
  • Just Enough Items recipe transfer support for the Pocket Crafting Table.
  • Compatibility with a new mod called “InfraRedstone”. Its Encoders, coming in the mod’s 1.2 release, work not unlike comparators - but their range goes from 0 to 63, as opposed to 0-15. Charset will thus now output more accurate information on all of the tiles which support comparators (that is: barrels, chests, tanks and cauldrons - though that last one never really exceeds 15 in the first place).

As usual, there are also a few bugfixes and smaller improvements across the codebase.

I have also released a new compatibility addon for Charset (and Iron Chests)! It makes Charset’s chests incorporate Quark’s features (chest buttons and search bar), as well as adds support for Charset barrels as “dropoff” destinations. It’s called “Ion Chests” - you can find it on the download page of this website or here on CurseForge.

EDIT: released - with a fix for strong power propagation in regular Redstone Cables in SimpleLogic.