* Fix a few packet race conditions on the client side
* [Lib] Fix "remove" IMC messages not working
* [Tweaks] Blacklist vanilla blocks which should not have been carryable
* [Tweaks] Fix carrying not forcing the block to update (for handling attachments)


* [Lib] Fix using the incorrect configuration directory 


* [Carts] Add option to set the minimum minecart item stack size
* [Carts] Fix TrackCombiner not working correctly in survival mode


* [Decoration] Fix posters being a massive lagfest
* [Lib] Fix broken modded wood detection


* [Carts] New module!
* [Carts] Add Crossing Track.
* [Carts] Add alternate ways of crafting certain tracks (all reversible and disableable, of course):
    * Right-click on a track with a Stone Pressure Plate to create a Detector Track
    * Right-click on a track with another track to create a Crossing Track
* [Decoration] [#106] Fix posters catching fire
* [Decoration, Storage] [#108, #105] Fix various issues with item drops
* [Tweaks] New tweak: Block Carrying! Sneak-middleclick a block to pick it up.
    * Note that Block Carrying does not currently render on other players. This will be added eventually.
    * Also note that Block Carrying, being a fresh and new mechanic, might be rebalanced with time.


* [All] Update to Minecraft 1.11.2, minor bugfixes
* [Crafting] New module, now with (noticeably rewritten) Pocket Crafting Tables
* [Decoration] [#101] Fix Poster "Unknown serializer type" crash.
* [Decoration] Scaffolds now use a better collision box implementation if fullBoundingBoxLadders is enabled.
* [Lib] [#102] Fix server-side packet registration crash.
* [Pipes, Tweaks] Texture tweaks


* [Pipes] Fix shifters not working


* [All] Updated to Forge 2199.
* [Lib] Cleaned up notification system a bit.
* [Lib] Fixed /mutter not applying notice styles.
* [Pipes] Added Observer support.
* [Pipes] Disabled most fluid routing logic - needs a rewrite!
* [Pipes] Fixed light rendering glitches for traveling items.
* [Pipes] Fixed pipes not syncing in 0.4.0-pre1.
* [Pipes] Optimizations to pipe code, especially rendering.
* [Storage] Fixed rendering glitches for barrel information popups.
* [Storage] Fixed rotated barrels not updating neighbors.
* [Tweaks] Added a "mob equalizer" tweak, letting mobs very rarely spawn with some of your armor and weapons!


* [Pipes] [#113] Fix pipes trying to push fluid into non-fluid-containers (and crashing, too!)
* [Pipes] [#108] Fix pipes refusing to connect to capability-based IFluidHandlers
* [Tweaks] Add support for modifying the enderman griefing list with mobControl


* [Audio] [#98] Fix rare race condition on audio packet receive.
* [Decoration] [#101] Fix Poster "Unknown serializer type" crash.


* [Pipes] Fix small lag issue
* [Pipes, Storage] Backported a selection of 1.11 fixes/optimizations
* [Storage] [#95] Fix Lock entity not having a localized name
* [Tweaks] [#97] Add workaround for blocks returning null getDrops() in Glass Shards tweak


* [All] [#86] Fixed a crash on startup in some cases.
* [Decoration] Wrenches can now be used to tilt Posters.
* [Tweaks] [#87] Fixed double door tweak loading crash (UnableToFindMethodException).


* [All] Removed the following content. Please don't cry. (Okay, you can cry a little bit.)
  * Wires - they were broken anyway
  * Gates - use amadornes's Super Circuit Maker instead
  * Backpacks (Storage) - use copygirl's WearableBackpacks instead
* [All] Fix various NPEs throughout the mod (asie, palaster)
* [Audio] Update DFPWM to "1a"
* [Audio] [#85] Fix SoundEvent crash in NoteBlockManager on server side
* [Audio] [#77] Fix the Tape Drive file dialog freezing Minecraft
* [Pipes] Reduce amount of Shifter models
* [Storage] Fix Hopping Barrels inventory insertion (Tahg)
* [Storage] Fix Locks not rendering on server (asie, palaster)
* [Tweaks] Add support for some modded doors to DoubleDoorTweak


* [Audio] Fix server-side crash on Tape Drive/etc. usage
* [Audio] Fix tape drive GUI lag once and for all, hopefully
* [Tweaks] Remove AutoReplace for the time being - buggy on 1.9+


* [Audio] Add a more-or-less finalized Audio API
* [Audio] Add Audio Cables (no recipe yet, however!)
* [Audio] Add note block support for the Audio API
* [Audio] Add option in Tape Drives to record audio from other plugged-in devices
* [Audio] Fix having a GUI open while a tape is being played lag everything
* [Audio] Fix tape drives disappearing on world load
* [Audio] Fix Tape Drive item rendering
* [Audio] Remove Iron Note Block
* [Decoration] Fix poster not having a name
* [Pipes] Fix ugly pipe item model
* [Tweaks] Add support for tool class checks to AutoReplace
* [Tweaks] Add Zorro (not the Amiga expansion bus!) from Factorization
* [Wires] Large refactor of wire code - wires not placed in-world will disappear!


* [Audio] Fix tape drives rendering on top no matter where they were placed
* [Audio] Fix the tape storage directory not being found in certain cases
* [Decoration] New module! Adds Posters from Factorization!
* [Storage] Add notice if trying to put on backpack while wearing chestplate
* [Storage] Fix barrels not dropping the correct barrel type
* [Tweaks] New tweak: improved TNT! Pew!


* [Pipes] Minor tweaks to shifter filter rendering.
* [Storage] Barrel top and bottom overlays now roughly match the log color.
* [Storage] Fix placing barrels not working correctly.
* [Storage] Make barrel rotation with wrenches more intuitive.
* [Storage] Minor barrel rendering optimizations.
* [Storage] Tweak barrel item rendering - "fix" lighting and add 3D rendering option.


* [Global] Ported to Minecraft 1.9.4
* [Global] Add caching to most dynamic models (wires, gates)
* [Global] Change license to Apache 2.0
* [Global] Countless bugfixes across the mod
* [Global] Add translations - in German, Polish, Slovak and Chinese
* [Audio] Rewrite internal audio management logic, add API for future Audio Cables/Speakers
* [Gates] Add a Buffer Gate which can also function as a NOT gate
* [Gates] Change gate toggling mechanics - shift-right click to disable a specific side, no more screwdriver
* [Gates] Add ability to place and remove redstone torches from gate edges
* [Lib] Incorporate neptunepink's in-world notification system
* [Pipes] Add preliminary implementation of fluid in pipes - still heavily subject to change
* [Pipes] Rewritten static and dynamic renderers - major potential FPS improvements
* [Storage] Add barrels from Factorization, with minor improvements
* [Storage] Add keys and locks - block player interaction on supported containers! (WIP)
* [Tweaks] Add option to keep inventory on death (even though /gamerule already does this?)
* [Wrench] New module, adds a wrench for rotating objects - also supports multiparts!


* [Pipes] Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in item update packet
* [Wires] Fix redstone propagation bug